Wise words from Charles Bukowski, Alan Watts, and 40oz. Cult.

Happy New Year Creatives! We hope your holidays were filled with relaxation because it’s a new year and it’s time to get back in the lab!  To kick things off for the year we bring you some insight from Charles Bukowski, some focus from Alan Watts and stories from ICON Alum Wenzday and Dack Janiels on building a successful business in music. 

Let’s get into it!


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Wise Words From the Prolific Writer Charles Bukowski

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire” – Charles Bukowski

It’s easy to say you’re strong when life is going good. Music is flowing, adoring fans, money in the bank. Like all aspects of life, there are ups and downs.  When things are not perfect, do you complain, compare, and give excuses?  

Walk Don’t Run

Taking ownership of all in your life “good” or “bad”  and allowing space for gratitude,  these challenges are created specifically for the areas you are looking to grow. 

  • Stay focused on the bigger goal of your life and legacy, the day to day matters more than the highlight reel. Be kind.
  • Complaints may be valid but repetitious complaining is unproductive. Watch for patterns.
  • Remember that no one asked you to choose this path, abandon the idea anything is owed to you. 
  • Enjoy the low points, that’s the best part of the movie. 

Charles Bukowski was a German-American poet, novelist, and short story writer eventually publishing over 60 books. 

Alan Watts Guided Meditation 

“Meditation doesn’t work for me”

Meditation is challenging in the sense that it asks of you to do nothing but be here. With all the uncomfortable and impatience that the moment may bring.  Know that this sense of uncomfortability is the very proof that the practice is doing its job. No doubt, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating to know its working but here are a few tips and a guided meditation from the great Alan Watts to get you started.

Entering the flow state

The brain wave state of musicians, athletes and regular meditators are the same. Think of it this way. You meditate and train your mind to hold its attention here and now, in your room, with nothing going on but the sound of your breath, so that when you get in the studio or stage, all the outside world cannot take your focus. Meditation is the practice of honing your attention, attention every artist needs to give to the idea that the muse presents.  So we invite you to take 15 mins, sit back and let Alan Watts take you on a journey of the now.  Meditation Link Here

Alan Watts was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker known for interpreting and popularising Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism for a Western audience. Check out more of his meditations and works on his official website.

Hard Work and True Passion: 40oz Cult

Tanner Chung and Taylor Chung, known commonly by their artist monikers Dack Janiels and Wenzday respectively, represent the best and brightest to come from ICON. True entrepreneurs in every sense of the word, they have a keen eye for building a brand in the modern music industry.

Their Collective, 40oz Cult, which they co-founded with their good friend Hami, touches various aspects of popular culture.

  • Clothing Line – Tanner has taken the lead on the merchandising aspect of 40oz Cult, which is finding great success. They just did a collaboration with Champion.
  • Record Label – Taylor is in charge of label operations, and 40oz has not only signed numerous genres and artists but curated a true collective from their roster. For some insight into this process, you can check out Taylor’s recent ICON Live session on our IGTV feed.
  • Pop-ups – Since their launch, 40oz has hosted numerous pop-up events combining various elements of pop culture. Some have included tattoos, exclusive merch, cannabis and more.

Family affair

When we talk to Tanner and Taylor about this venture, the common denominator is pure love. They are family so they love each other. They love the music they sign. They love the designs they sell. 

That’s why we share this story. Because Tanner, Taylor, and 40oz represent what a clear vision and a lot of hard work can accomplish. Spend your time at ICON finding your cult and developing your vision. Then get to work.

40oz. Cult Demo submission email: 40ozCultDemos@gmail.com

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