Welcome to ICON Collective’s New Campus!

After 15 years of offering the best music production education available, ICON Collective is proud to welcome you to our brand new campus!

This 32,000 sqft. building launches the next era in the evolution of ICON. We can provide an even more in-depth learning experience for producers, vocalists, business entrepreneurs, and all creatives alike!

With professional equipment and space for 800 students to learn, connect, and create, this building is a hub for the future of the music industry.

Check out some the building’s coolest features and amenities below:

Creative Studios

This campus houses over 25 studios where students can create freely and openly. This includes individual rooms, vocal studios, live tracking rooms, and more.

Analog Mastering Studio

Students of our new Advanced Music Production Program will learn to master their own full-length studio albums, and with this new space, they can give their albums that special post-production flair right here on site.

The following is the top-notch equipment available for use in this studio:

  • Barefoot Monitors
  • SSL Fusion
  • 1973 Drawmer
  • 1974 Drawmer EQ
  • Two SSL EQ’s
  • Two Rupert Neve Mic Pre’s
  • SPL Qure Tube Equalizer
  • Tascam DA-3000 DSD
  • Bettermaker Mastering Limiter
  • Access to all UAD Plugins
  • Wavelab Mastering DAW

Fully Equipped Recording Studios

At ICON students have the opportunity to create without impediment. Whatever they hear in their mind they can express in our two fully-equipped recording studios! Whether they want to work with a rock band, a string quartet, an acapella group, this is a space for flow.

Both rooms include a fully loaded SSL XL Desk with 24 channels along with a wide variety of microphones and synthesizers available to check out in our equipment room.

Individual Studios

There over 20 individual studios available in our new building. Each fully equipped with an Apollo Twin interface and every UAD plugin available. In these spaces, students are free to work at their own pace, expressing their vision with full autonomy.

Teaching Theaters

Our six new teaching theaters are the foundation of ICON. Within these spaces creatives share knowledge of synthesis, music theory, philosophy and more topics that contribute to ICON’s renowned curriculum.

Every theater accommodates a 20-to-1 student teacher ratio to ensure every student get the attention they need to succeed.

Performance Theater

One of the most exciting additions found in ICON’s new campus is our 50-seat performance theater. With professional lighting, sound, and staging, we will host all manner of performances, guest speakers, and other presentations.

The students in our new Vocal Artist Program will perform weekly as well as regularly invited guest artists. The stage will host interviews and industry Q & A’s all for the consumption and inspiration of the Collective.

Common Areas

The most valuable part of coming to ICON is the connections made between the Collective. Your fellow creatives become your network, your collaborators, your friends.

In our new building we have immense space for everyone from students to staff to instructors to gather and share their ideas. This includes a full size kitchen and cafeteria style table perfect for pizza Fridays!

Downtown Burbank

ICON has called Burbank home for many years now, but with this new campus, we are moving to the heart of Downtown. In a city known around the world for its contributions to entertainment and popular culture, Downtown is where the people working in those industries come to connect and socialize.

An up and coming neighborhood, Downtown Burbank is home to food and fun for all ages and budgets. Watch the latest movies at one of the three local theaters. Play a round of pool at the famous Fantasia pool hall. Enjoy healthy cuisine at spots like Sweetgreen and The Asian Project or gather with friends for some drinks and a game at Yard House.


ICON’s new campus is a testament to our commitment to providing young creatives the best education possible. As we grow, so does our reach and influence, and we are using both to support the Collective in any way we can. The possibilities of what will result from the creative synergy happening her are endless, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds in our new home.

About Icon Collective

ICON Collective is a Los Angeles and Online music production school that teaches you core technical skills while unlocking your unique creative process. Mentorships with industry professionals let you access real-world insights and help you personalize your music education. Check out our Music Production Programs.


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