Summer 2019 Collab Project Winners

Congratulations to the Summer 2019 Collab Project winners of ghostsss on their winning EP “It Feels Good to Be Dead.” Special thanks to all the student members and ICON staff for another exciting Collaboration Project!

Summer 2019 Collab Project Winners

The Collab Project

Working together effectively is key to success in the music business. The Collaboration Project course helps students build collaborative skills while producing a project as a creative team.

During Level 4 of ICON’s LA Music Production Program, students focus on working successfully in teams to overcome obstacles and produce a musical project. They are assigned to groups and must collaborate to create a 3-track EP in 10 weeks.

At the end of the quarter during Finals Week, an internal judging panel plays all EPs at the Collaboration Project Showcase and selects the winning EP. Winners of the Collab Project also have their EP promoted across all ICON channels. Follow ICON Collective on Soundcloud or search #IconCollabEP to hear more.

Summer 2019 Collab Project Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the Summer 2019 Collaboration Project. Congratulations to all the student members, Best EP Winners, Best Artwork Winners, Honorable Mentions, and everyone else who helped make this Collaboration Project a success. Well done!

Best EP | “It Feels Good to Be Dead” by ghostsss

It Feels Good to Be Dead is a three-track EP by ghostsss. This collaboration includes ICON students Joseph Yuen, Evan Callaghan, and Ariel Sassoon.

It Feels Good to Be Dead EP by ghostsss

Best Artwork | “MeltedSky” by MeltedSky

The featured artwork from the MeltedSky EP by MeltedSky. This collaboration includes ICON students Evan Bishton, Zach DiBlasi, and Elijah Weinkauf.

MeltedSky EP Artwork

Honorable Mentions

The Collab Project Honorable Mentions recognizes the talent and effort of teams with excellent music. Check out these featured tracks from Beyond Paradise, Letters to Madison, and The Hertz.

1. “Neon Devil” by Beyond Paradise

Neon Devil is a single by Beyond Paradise. This collaboration includes ICON students Ian Takenaka and Michael Hwang.

2. “Wasted On You” by Letters to Madison

Wasted On You is a single by Letters to Madison. This collaboration includes ICON students Lucas LaHood, Cody Davis, and Warren Sheppard.

3. “Turnin’ Away (feat. Lara Mrgic)” by The Hertz

Turnin’ Away (feat. Lara Mrgic) is a single by The Hertz. This collaboration includes ICON students Ebrahim Ebrahim and Omid Saranj.

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