Sound Design: Synthesis w/ Roland Juno-60

Multi-instrumentalist and former Icon Instructor GRiDWORK takes us through the controls onboard Roland’s classic Juno-60 polyphonic analog synthesizer.

About Roland Juno-60

The iconic Juno-60 is a 61-key six-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer introduced by Roland in 1982 as a successor to the similar Roland Juno-6.The revamp keeps many of the same features along with some function updates and 56 additional patch presets. This classic synth sports digitally-controlled analog oscillators including a noise and sub-oscillator, an onboard chorus effect, resonant low-pass and high-pass filters, a single triangle-wave variable-rate LFO, ADSR filter envelopes, and more. There is also an option to arpeggiate and sequence notes when connected to the JSQ-60 sequencer. Although it doesn’t offer MIDI functionality like its successor, the Juno-60 retains that renowned Juno warmth and punch. Comparatively, however, the Juno-60 sounds better than the Juno-106. Of course, that wooden side panel look is a true sign of vintage status!

Furthermore, the Juno series is famous for its influence on electronic music. To this day, musicians create hit records with Juno products or emulations that recreate the classic sounds of a Juno.

Check out Juno-60’s 56 classic factory patches in the following video. Discover why so many consider it as one of the most influential synths of all time.

Plenty of these sought-after synths still circulating the market, but they are expensive. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to capture the famed sounds of this classic, then look no further than TAL’s U-NO-LX.

TAL-U-NO-LX is a near authentic emulation of the popular Juno-60. The plugin’s architecture is virtually identical to the hardware’s setup. It features one oscillator per voice, a square wave sub-oscillator, one envelope generator, a resonant 24dB/oct low-pass filter, and that famous chorus circuit. In addition to the classic features, TAL equipped this recreation with modern upgrades such as portamento, different filter LFO waveforms, MIDI learn, 300 factory presets, and more.


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