New Music Programs Coming in Summer 2020!

ICON Collective is proud to announce new Music Business and Vocal Artist Programs in Los Angeles. Enrollment into these exciting music courses will officially open in Summer 2020. Learn more and pre-register today!

Icon Collective Music Business School and Vocal Artist School

Music Business Program

The comprehensive 12-month Music Business Program is for creatives interested in the industry side of music. Students will learn all legal and career aspects of the music business.

This extensive program teaches you the creative, management, financial, legal, technical, entrepreneurial, leadership, and marketing aspects of the entertainment industry. You will then apply these music business concepts to real-world challenges with an internship in the music industry.

What you’ll learn:

  • Music Business Principles
  • Business Management
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Artist Development
  • Artist Management
  • Music Law
  • Touring and Agency Aspects
  • Studio Techniques
  • Music History

Graduates of ICON’s Music Business Program will have developed the skills to prepare them for a range of roles in the music industry.

Vocal Artist Program

The new Vocal Artist Program is an opportunity to find your voice and develop your music skills! This extensive 12-month program focuses on vocal training, songwriting, and performance.

At ICON’s Vocal Artist Program, you’ll unlock the secrets to becoming a better singer, songwriter, and performer. Train your ear and expand your vocal range through weekly singing lessons and vocal training from a professional vocal coach. Throughout the program, you’ll also use advanced songwriting techniques and hone your music production skills to create original, commercial-grade music.

What you’ll learn:

  • Music Theory
  • Vocal Techniques
  • Live Performance Techniques
  • Ear Training
  • Groove Theory
  • Ableton Live
  • Music Production Techniques
  • Songwriting Techniques
  • Keyboard Techniques
  • Studio Techniques
  • Music Business
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Music History

As a graduate of ICON’s Vocal Artist Program, you’ll be able to train your voice and ears, sharpen your songwriting, master the keyboard, collaborate onstage and in the studio, overcome writer’s block, and understand the legal aspects of the music industry.


Those interested can pre-register with Admissions and enjoy priority enrollment for Summer 2020. Fill out the form below to contact an Admissions Advisor and learn more about these two music programs.

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