ICON Is Opening an Exciting New LA Campus in 2020!

We are excited to announce ICON Collective College of Music is opening the doors to an exciting new LA campus in 2020! Plus, new Advanced Music Production, Vocal Artist, and Music Business* programs.

Icon Collective Theater Render
Icon Collective Theater Render

ICON Is Making Big Moves in 2020!

We’re proud to announce ICON Collective is moving to a new, cutting-edge facility in the heart of Burbank, CA. The move launches the next stage in the evolution of ICON Collective’s College of Music.

ICON Collective College of Music aims to foster the next generation of aspiring musicians. The new LA campus location will provide students with the highest level of music education using the latest studio equipment. The learning experience also pairs ICON’s highly specialized curriculum with some of the most experienced instructors in the music industry. Through comprehensive music programs, students will learn the creative, technical, and business aspects of professional music.

The spacious 32,000 sqft facility offers students expanded music programs, 25 studio spaces, more classrooms, an expansive lounge, and other campus amenities. ICON will accommodate more students and alumni, host more on-site events for the Collective, and encourage an exciting student experience. The vibrant new space will also provide students with a supportive and engaged community of artists, music producers, and industry experts. These opportunities will encourage relationship building, networking, collaboration, and continued learning.

Located in the heart of the media capital, Downtown Burbank is a vibrant destination at the epicenter of the creative community. The surrounding area perfectly combines bustling activity, entertainment, dining, shopping, rich culture, and casual vibes, for a quintessential SoCal experience.

The new ICON campus is also near major transportation hubs and is only 12 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles. It’s the ideal location to create, learn, and explore SoCal.

For more information on the new LA campus, contact ICON’s admissions team via the website live chat or call (818) 299-8013.

New Music Courses Coming in 2020

2020 will be the biggest year for ICON yet. For over a decade, ICON has developed the most forward-thinking music production curriculum in the industry. Starting in 2020, we will expand our mission by adding three new programs: The Advanced Music Production Program, Music Business Program*, and Vocal Artist Program.

The new programs will officially launch in Summer of 2020, but applications are open now! APPLY HERE

Advanced Music Production

Icon Collective Advanced Music Production Program

Leading off the proven track record of success of our Flagship Music Production Program, ICON is excited to offer the new Advanced Music Production Program! This 18-month advanced program adds two new quarters’ to the standard 12-month program. The extensive curriculum also adds new material that will put students at the forefront of music production and artistry.

During the Advanced Music Production Program, you’ll write, record, and produce a full album of original material under the guidance of a professional mentor. You’ll also study advanced techniques in sound design, mixing, mastering, and more specific fields like music for visual media and sync licensing. This intensive, hands-on program will prepare you to enter the music business with the knowledge and abilities to tackle any field you may choose.

Vocal Artist Program

Icon Collective Vocal Artist Program

The new Vocal Artist Program in Los Angeles is an opportunity to find your voice and develop your music skills. Students will unlock the secrets to becoming a better singer, songwriter, and performer.

This extensive 12-month program focuses on vocal training, songwriting, and performance. You’ll train your ear and expand your vocal range through weekly singing lessons and vocal training from a professional vocal coach. Throughout the program, you’ll also use advanced songwriting techniques and honed music production skills to create original, commercial-grade music.

At ICON, we understand it takes far more than merely being an excellent singer to succeed as a vocalist. The Vocal Artist Program focuses on curating your talent and advancing skills. You’ll become a well-rounded artist capable of excelling in professional scenarios such as:

Artistic Independence

Graduates of the Vocal Artist Program will leave with the confidence and skills to take on the music industry as an independent professional. Students will learn how to work as a vocalist in performance settings, studio settings, and various other fields.

Our coaches are working industry professionals who will teach you the most current vocal and production techniques. One-on-one mentor sessions with a vocal coach and a production coach will also develop your understanding of the complete recording and production process. You’ll be ready to work with any music producer to maximize your versatility. Our experienced coaches will also provide industry insight to make sure you understand how to thrive in a professional market.

Performing Live

Confidence as a performer is vital to being a professional vocalist. As a student of the Vocal Artist Program, you’ll perform original material every week in our new 50-seat theater. You’ll also work with either a live band or fellow members of the Music Production Program to develop a sense of cohesion and chemistry on stage. We will also task you on performing different genres as an effort to make you a well-rounded artist.

Curate Your Own Material and Artistic Profile

Succeeding as an artist requires curating and understanding your original artist profile. You’ll learn how to write, produce, and perform original material. You’ll also work with burgeoning managers in our Music Business Program to curate a brand that’s effective and memorable. With 25 studios on sight, students can also record material on their own or collaborate with other members of the Collective.

Music Business Program

Icon Collective Music Business Program

The new Music Business Program* in Los Angeles is for creatives interested in the industry side of music. Students will learn all the legal and career aspects of the music business.

This comprehensive 12-month program will also provide knowledge that can only be understood through first-hand, actionable experience. The program teaches you the creative, legal, financial, technical, management, and marketing aspects of the entertainment industry. You’ll also learn the leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed to successfully develop, launch, and manage an artist. Students then apply these music business concepts to real-world challenges with an internship in the music industry.

The music industry is a dense business that requires a variety of skills to succeed. To learn these skills, you must put them into action and learn from experience. Key aspects that demonstrate how students will use the skills they learn in the classroom for real industry purposes include:

Create, Develop, and Launch an Artist Brand

You’ll work directly with students of the Vocal Artist and Music Production Programs to curate their projects from studio to release. Learn how to bring it all together with planning, strategy, artist development, marketing, brand development, and timelines.

Understand How the Music Business Functions

Graduates of the Music Business Program will also gain the skills to prepare them for a range of roles in the music industry. Whether that goal is to be an artist manager, run a record label, work in music licensing, or another position. You’ll learn core functions such as how to start and manage a business, understand complex contracts, manage royalties, and navigate the music industry. You’ll also become proficient in music law, artist management, and other industry aspects like touring.

Music Industry Internship

ICON has built relationships with numerous labels, studios, licensing firms, and other prominent forces in the music business. For example, Dim Mak, Insomniac, Dirtybird, and more. As a part of the Music Business Program, you’ll undertake an internship at a high-volume entity to give you real-world industry experience.

Apply Now!

Applications are now open for all of our new programs. Apply now to secure your spot when they officially open in the Summer of 2020. For more information, download our digital brochure or contact admissions at admissions@iconcollective.edu.

*Pending NASM approval (National Association of Schools of Music)

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