NAMM 2018 Music Tech News

NAMM 2018 arrives with all the latest in music products, pro audio, sound, lighting, and entertainment technology. This music tech news roundup finds new products and highlights from Winter NAMM 2018.


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This roundup highlights some of the newest innovations in music recording technology featured at the 2018 NAMM Show. The highly anticipated NAMM Show is the definitive platform for the music, sound, and event technology communities. Held in Anaheim every January, The NAMM Show offers the latest products and announcements from more than 7,000 brands, cutting-edge industry education across hundreds of sessions, and an array of special events.

Ableton | Live 10 Official Release

The highly anticipated release of Ableton Live 10 gets its official release date! Live 10 will be available February 6th at and retail stores worldwide. The tenth version of Live brings new devices, improved workflows, a redesigned library, Push integration enhancements, and much more.

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Moog | DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother)

Moog Music introduces the Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM), the first addition to the Mother ecosystem of semi-modular analog instruments. Moreover, DFAM is a highly-interactive, semi-modular analog percussion synthesizer. This vibrant deviation from the traditional drum machine presents an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation. It also requires no patching, and absolutely zero experience!

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Arturia | MiniBrute 2  and S2 Analog Monosynth

The all-new MiniBrute 2 has evolved from the legendary monosynth that revolutionized the analog scene with its mixable waveforms, Steiner-Parker filter, and Brute Factor. Now with semi-modular architecture, you can splice its genome and expand its raw power into the world of Eurorack modular. Moreover, this analog beast brings enhanced synth power, new performance controls, extended modulation possibilities, and some unexpected new features.

The S2 ditches the 25-note keyboard in favor of a set of performance pads. It also includes a triple-layer sequencer with space to save up to 64 sequences along with a few other functionality changes.

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Sonicware | ELZ_1 Synthesizer


The compact ELZ_1 synthesizer offers six different sound engines in one instrument. This diverse synthesizer also comes equipped with a selection of filters, a set of effects, and an arpeggiator. Developed from the ground up, the ELZ_1 offers these six unique sounding engines:

  • FM SYNTH (4 operators with feedback and detuning)
  • 8BIT WAVE MEMORY SYNTH (waveform editing and morphing with FM mode)
  • DNA EXPLORER (extract and generate waveforms from audio)
  • SiGRINDER (granular synthesizer engine)
  • STANDARD OSC (sin, square, triangle, and saw waves)
  • LOW-BIT OSC (sin, square, triangle, and saw waves)

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KORG | prologue Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

KORG announces a new-generation of flagship analog synthesizer. The prologue is a fully-programmable, full-featured, polyphonic synthesizer. This beast comes equipped with a full-sized keyboard and powerful analog circuits that are descended directly from the earlier models of the series. These features also come coupled with a newly developed digital multi-engine and DSP-based effects which expand the variety of sounds and the possibilities for user customization. Moreover, the lineup brings two models that cover all of your needs from the stage to the studio: the 16-voice, 61-key prologue-16, and the eight-voice, 49-key prologue-8.

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Universal Audio | Arrow Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface

Arrow is the world’s first Thunderbolt 3-powered desktop recording audio interface for Mac and Windows. This compact 2×4 interface delivers class-leading audio conversion derived from UA’s flagship Apollo interface range, two Unison mic preamps, and a suite of onboard UAD plugins.

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Roland | R-07 Audio Recorder

The R-07 packs mission-critical recording features into a stylish and ultra-portable device that goes anywhere life takes you. High-resolution audio, one-touch Scene memory, and Hybrid Limiting ensure great sounding recordings no matter what the situation. Moreover, this flexible recorder offers wireless listening and remote control. This means you can record with fewer wires in more places.

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ISLA Instruments | KordBot

KordBot is a compact music production assistant that combines a chord generator, arpeggiator, and step sequencer into one unit. Moreover, KordBot enables users to quickly and easily play 1000s of chords on any polyphonic MIDI capable device. It also has 32 built-in chord types including inversions for each in addition to eight user-banks for storing custom chord types.

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KORG | volca mix

The ultra-portable volca mix is an analog performance mixer that unlocks the maximum potential of the volca series. This long-awaited compact mixer sports four-channels that let you construct a live setup combining multiple volca units. Moreover, volca mix features smooth gliding volume faders, crisp-sounding LO/HI CUT filters, and a master chain that radically transforms the sound. In addition to the sync function found on all volca’s, there are also DC output connectors that can supply power for up to three volca units. Furthermore, this rugged performance mixer comes constructed of high-quality aluminum, reminiscent of a high-end DJ mixer.

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ADAM | T Series Studio Monitors

ADAM T Series

ADAM Audio unveils their new T Series series of professional studio monitors. This reasonably-priced range of nearfield monitors share many of the design innovations created for ADAM’s acclaimed S Series flagship monitor range. The series includes two models – the 5-inch T5V and the 7-inch T7V. The T Series also features ADAM’s U-ART Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter along with a newly designed polypropylene symmetrical-excursion woofer, and new technical innovations.

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Arturia | RackBrute 6U Cases

Arturia enters the Eurorack space with RackBrute Eurorack Cases. The RackBrute 6U and RackBrute 3U allow you to store and secure your enviable collection of Eurorack modules in lightweight aluminum chassis flanked by two wood panels. Moreover, these new cases include power supplies for Eurorack modules and are also connectable to the new MiniBrute synth via a mounting system dubbed ‘Arturia Link.’

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KORG | KR-55 Pro Rhythm Machine

The new KR-55 Pro is a compact multi-function rhythm machine equipped with mixer and recorder functionality. Taking its name from the classic KR-55 drum machine of the early ’80s, the KR-55 gives you all the essentials to design drum/percussion sounds. It also provides a rich variety of input jacks, mixer functionality, effects, and much more. Furthermore, this intuitive beatbox is also battery-powered and battle ready for live performances or studio sessions.

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Focusrite | Clarett USB Audio Interfaces

Focusrite’s Clarett series of audio interfaces are praised for their low latency, clarity, and reasonable price. However, the Clarett line relied on Thunderbolt connections and is only available to Apple users. The new line of Clarett USB interfaces can now be experienced with any Mac or PC supporting USB 2.0 and above. Moreover, the Clarett range captures all the features, clarity, and professional sound quality of its predecessors. The Clarett USB interfaces also come loaded with a suite of Focusrite’s acclaimed software.

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Electro-Harmonix | 95000 Looper

EHX introduces the 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory. This advanced looper features six mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track per loop. It will also record up to 375 minutes, and 100 loops with a 16GB Micro SD card. Moreover, the compact 95000 comes housed in a rugged, aluminum, all-metal chassis with a layout optimized for both tabletop and foot-pedal control. The new design also features a robust I/O including two audio inputs, each capable of handling a microphone, instruments, and any other connected sound sources.

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KORG | Gadget for Nintendo Switch

KORG Gadget

Award-winning music creation software KORG Gadget is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Plentiful instrumental gadgets combined with a simple and intuitive graphical interface enable speedy music creation. With this new music creation studio, one can create and perform music by actively twisting and turning the Joy-Con. In addition, there is also a multiplayer mode that allows four people to collaborate in making music. You can also connect Gadget to a TV or use it with a projector for big live performances. Moreover, this new game-like DAW experience brings a fun twist to music creation.

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Pioneer DJ | DJM-REC iOS Recording App


Pioneer DJ releases DJM-REC, a new high-quality DJ mix recording app that makes it easy to record, share, and stream your mixes from iPhone or iPad. The DJM-REC also controls the peak limiter in the DJ mixer to minimize clipping and distortion rather than needing to be done manually on the recording device. Moreover, the DJM-REC easily connects to DJM-series mixers equipped with the send/return feature using a single USB cable.

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Sonnex | VoxDoubler

VoxDoubler offers two separate Plugins that focus on vocal doubling workflows: Widen and Thicken. Doubling vocals is an effective way of adding more contrast, drama, and presence to your music. This set of plugins is also the first release in the Sonnex Toolbox series.

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Native Instruments |

Native Instruments launches, an online sample content subscription service. The platform claims it will host loops, samples and sound packs sounds from over 200 partners. This service will also provide all Native Instruments sample, loop, and expansion content as well.

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Waldorf | STVC String Synthesizer and Vocoder

Waldorf STVC

The Waldorf STVC String Synthesizer and Vocoder combine the sound engine of the Streichfett string synthesizer with a vocoder to provide the highly coveted sounds of the ’70s and ’80s. A single registration knob sweeps through mixer and EQ settings for Violin, Viola, Cello, Brass, Organ, Choir, and more for creating rich sonic textures. STVC also comes equipped with feature enhancements including 16 voices of polyphony, an XLR microphone input, a 49-note keyboard, and a rugged Blofeld-style enclosure.

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