Latest Music Technology News: March 2020

This roundup features the latest music industry news and new music technology from Slate Digital, Waves, Arturia, Elektron, Native Instruments, and more.

Apogee Symphony Desktop Audio Interface
Photo by Apogee

Latest Music Industry News and Technology

ICON Collective’s music news roundup is your source for the latest music technology, industry news, gear reviews, announcements, events, and more.

Slate Digital Releases INFINITY EQ

Slate Digital Infinity EQ

INFINITY EQ is a 24-band graphical equalizer designed to improve workflow. Execute your musical ideas with minimal mouse movements, clicks, and modifier keys. The slick interface also provides a fast selection of filters, slopes, gain, grouping, M/S, and bypass.

Key Features

  • Zero-latency analog matched curves
  • Lightning-fast intuitive workflow
  • Unique filter and M/S options
  • Transparent sound for surgical EQing
  • Compact controls minimize mouse clicks
  • Presets made by industry-leading mix engineers

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Apogee Introduces Symphony Desktop Interface

Apogee Symphony Desktop Audio Interface

Symphony Desktop packs the legendary sound quality of Apogee’s rack-mount Symphony I/O Mk II into an elegant desktop audio interface. This potable interface packs a lot of features like high-quality AD/DA converters, iconic mic preamps emulations, ultra-low latency recording, DSP processing, Apogee native FX plugins, and more.

Key Features

  • Most affordable Symphony series interface
  • 10-in/14-out desktop USB-C audio interface
  • Symphony AD/DA conversion yields high sound quality up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • 2 Advanced Stepped Gain mic preamps with up to 75 dB of gain
  • Apogee Alloy Mic Preamp emulations of British Solid State and 50s American Tube
  • FET instrument input with electric guitar tube amp characteristics
  • Built-in hardware DSP processing of Apogee FX Rack plugins
  • Dynamic touchscreen display supplies intuitive operation
  • 2 fully-balanced 1/4″ outputs
  • 2 assignable headphone outputs: 1 x 1/4″ and 1 x 1/8″

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Muse Ovations Introduces an Intelligent Crossfader

Muse Ovations Faderlator

Muse Ovations unveiled Faderlator, a crossfade controller and mixer they claim is an “Intelligent Crossfader.” Faderlator combines an innovative crossfader, midi controller, and portable mixer all-in-one. Use it to control several devices at once in various ways with a single motion on the fader. For example, you can mix, fade, and repeat multiple motion sequences in a single movement. It provides a new way to perform.

Key Features

  • Fully configurable mix curves
  • Touch-sensitive 360-degree knobs
  • Fully customizable MIDI destinations
  • Latency and acceleration control of your movements
  • Fader motion looper, available as a one-shot or infinite loop
  • Mix, midi, and CV controlled independently by a single fader

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Arturia Debuts KeyLab Essential 88 MIDI Controller

Arturia KeyLab Essential 88 Keyboard

KeyLab Essential 88 is an expressive keyboard controller with a dedicated DAW Command Center. This versatile keyboard controller sports a combo of playable keys, rotary knobs, faders, and performance pads. It also provides seamless DAW integration for easy navigation and control. KeyLab Essential 88 also comes bundled with Analog Lab, a software suite loaded with thousands of synth and keyboard sounds.

Key Features

  • 88 note, velocity-sensitive keyboard with hybrid synth-piano feel
  • 8 touch and pressure-sensitive pads
  • 9 encoders, 9 faders, 6 transport switches, 4 command switches
  • Pitch and modulation wheels
  • Mackie / HUI compliant DAW Command Center
  • Chord Play mode
  • Twin-line LCD screen
  • Full Analog Lab integration
  • MIDI out, USB, Sustain pedal connectivity

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Elektron Introduces a New FM-Based Groovebox

Elektron Model-Cycles FM Groove Box

Elektron introduced Model:Cycles, a six-track FM based groovebox. The six Machines of the digital FM engine are unique to Model:Cycles. They cover both percussive and melodic synths, allowing you to create full compositions. Also notable is the four core Synth Controls. These intuitive tools encourage exploration and extensive sound sculpting.

Key Features

  • 6 × FM based Machines
  • 1 × Assignable LFO per track
  • 6 × Velocity-sensitive pads
  • 1 × Assignable velocity modulation per track
  • 6 × Audio tracks that also work as MIDI tracks
  • Delay and reverb send FX
  • Elektron sequencer with up to 64 steps
  • Storage space for up to 60,000 presets

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Roland TR-808 enters NAMM Hall of Fame

Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer Drum Machine

Roland’s legendary TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine has been inducted into the prestigious NAMM TECnology Hall of Fame.

The NAMM Museum of Making Music presents the TECnology Hall of Fame. They honor audio products and innovations that have contributed to the advancement of audio technology and production. This year’s panel commented:

Roland’s TR-808 programmable drum machine became part of the foundation of music movements in hip-hop, rap, and electronica. And although made in 1980 — almost 40 years ago — the once $1,200 TR-808 remains a highly-prized studio tool today, with working units valued in the $4,000 range.

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Waves Releases OVox Vocal ReSynthesizer

Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesizer

Transform your vocal productions with the OVox Vocal ReSynthesizer. This versatile vocal tool features a voice-controlled synth and vocal effects. Make your vocals stand out in the mix with vocal morphing, tuning, harmonizing, vocoder, talkbox effects, arpeggiation effects, and beyond.

Key Features

  • Voice-controlled synth and vocal FX processor
  • Powered by Waves Organic ReSynthesis technology
  • Plugin or a standalone app that works without a DAW
  • Automatic Note Mapper to trigger chords, harmonies, or scales from your vocal tracks
  • Built-in 8-voice synth with dual high-resolution synth engines
  • 9 customizable LFOs/Sequencer, ADSR, and ORS modulators
  • 6 modulatable FX: AutoPan, Chorus, Comp, Delay, Distortion, Reverb
  • Fully modulatable 4-band EQ

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Arturia Launches FX Collection

Arturia FX Collection Bundle

Arturia introduced FX Collection, an audio effects bundle that brings together all 15 plugins from their “You’ll Actually Use” series. The new FX Collection combines software versions of classic hardware effects with modern features. The selection includes emulations of hardware Compressors, Reverbs, Preamps, Filters, and Delays.

Key Features

  • 15 software effects, created using TAE physical and circuit modeling
  • Detailed, high-resolution interfaces
  • Modern touches: sidechaining, mid-side processing, look-ahead tracking
  • Great sounding presets with sound designer notes and parameter highlights
  • In-app tutorials to help you get the best out of each plugin

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Native Instruments Released Mysteria Cinematic Vocal Instrument

Native Instruments Mysteria Cinematic Vocal Instrument

MYSTERIA is a cinematic instrument designed to add deep vocal expression to your music. The Kontakt instrument harnesses hours of specially-recorded choirs, curated to convey the entire spectrum of human emotion – from the intimate to the sublime. Play otherworldly choirs, vocals, and textures to create unique vocal atmospheres and transitions.

Key Features

  • Capture the candor and emotion of the human voice to build tension, transitions, and waves of intensity
  • Draw from over 800 specially-recorded sound sources built into over 600 playable layers
  • Control the emotional impact of complex atmospheres, or build clusters and chords from tonally-playable notes

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Waves Audio Introduces New Plugin Subscription Plan

Waves Music Maker Access Bundles

Waves Audio introduced Waves Music Maker Access, a new audio plugin subscription plan. Access an extensive collection of pro audio plugins for a monthly subscription vs. paying a hefty up-front fee.

Waves Music Maker Access offers monthly or annual subscriptions for Silver, Gold, and Platinum bundles:

  • Silver – 16 plugins: $6.99/Month
  • Gold – 42 plugins: $9.99/Month
  • Platinum – 57 plugins: $19.99/Month

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