Latest Music News and Technology: September 2018

This EDM news roundup features a selection of new music gear and announcements from Native Instruments, iZotope, Roland, Akai, Teenage Engineering, and more.

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro

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Native Instruments Announced Major Product Updates

Native Instruments announced significant updates to a range of products and software across their lineup. It is NI’s biggest product refresh in years. Here’s what’s new:

  • Massive X: A complete redesign of their Massive synth. It comes with a new sound engine and a reconfigurable modular design.
  • Kontakt 6: Featuring an updated library of sounds and improved instrument-building tools.
  • Komplete 12: Comes loaded with a host of new instruments and effects.
  • Komplete Kontrol: Updated S-Series models and the new Komplete Kontrol A-Series line.
  • Maschine Mikro: The compact version of NI’s flagship beat controller gets a new redesign. It also comes with a host of updates to its instruments, sounds, and effects.
  • Traktor Pro 3: NI’s flagship DJ software comes with new features, Traktor Scratch integration, stability fixes, a redesigned interface, and more.
  • Traktor DJ Controllers: Traktor Kontrol S4 and S2 both received feature updates and design improvements.

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Advanced Audio Repair with iZotope’s New RX 7

RX has been at the forefront of innovation in audio repair. RX 7 brings even more advanced features. One notable addition is Music Rebalance. This source separation tool allows you to enhance or isolate elements of an audio track.

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Roland Introduced the Juno-DS76 Synthesizer

The DS76 is the latest addition to Roland’s JUNO-DS synthesizer lineup. It sports all of the same features, quality sounds, intuitive operation, and portability of its siblings. It also comes with a host of new features, sounds, effects, improvements, and more.

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AudioSwift 2 Turns Your Trackpad into a MIDI Controller

AudioSwift 2 for Mac is an app that transforms your Trackpad into a MIDI controller. It offers the following five modes:

  • Slider: Divides the trackpad in 1 to 4 virtual sliders. It also sends CC or Pitch Bend MIDI messages.
  • XY: Use your trackpad as an XY pad to control several parameters at once.
  • Mixer: Control faders, buttons, use your trackpad as a jog wheel, and more.
  • Trigger: Make beats using your trackpad as trigger pads.
  • Scale: Choose a tonic note and then select a scale. Slide your fingers to play notes in the selected key.

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The Glide is a New Gestural Instrument

The Glide is a new instrument that turns motion into sound. It uses two hand controllers to control pitch, volume, rhythm, tone, glide, and more. The Glide also has a built-in sound engine and can be used wirelessly to control other synthesizers.

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PreSonus Introduced the Atom Pad Controller

ATOM is a compact MIDI controller for creating and performing. Produce beats, play virtual instruments, trigger sound effects, and launch loops. This pad controller features 16 pressure sensitive RGB pads and 8 assignable pad banks. The design also gives you 20 assignable buttons and 4 endless rotary encoders. Moreover, ATOM includes PreSonus Studio One.

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Akai Releases First Dedicated Controller For FL Studio

Akai Professional introduced Fire, the first dedicated hardware controller for FL Studio. This compact controller comes equipped with all the essentials to create, control, and perform with FL Studio. It features a grid of velocity-sensitive RGB pads, touch-capacitive knobs, a step sequencer, and more. It’s also the perfect companion to improve workflow.

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Behringer Previews RD-909 Drum Machine

Behringer has revealed its latest clone at Knobcon 2018. On display was a 3D printed model of Roland’s iconic TR-909 drum machine. However, Behringer hasn’t announced a release date. The circuitry and firmware are in early development.

Teenage Engineering Announced OP-Z Release Date

OP-Z is a compact synthesizer and 16-track multimedia sequencer. It features 16 synthesis, sampler, and control tracks. It also has a 16-track sequencer that offers synthesis, sampling, and DMX light sequencing. Moreover, OP-Z is capable of image and 3D graphics sequencing.

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Expressive E Reveales Touché SE Touch Controller

Touché SE is touch sensitive MIDI controller. Create sounds using intuitive slides, taps, and gestures on the Touché SE control surface. It’s a great way to add expression and transform sounds with ease.

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Roland Introduced the AX-Edge Keytar Synthesizer

Roland introduced the AX-Edge Keytar. This performance synthesizer features 49 full-sized keys and a sound set crafted for keytarists. AX-Edge Keytar also sports interchangeable Edge Blades.

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