Latest Music News and Technology: November 2019

This EDM news roundup features new music technology and announcements from Universal Audio, iZotope, Mixed in Key, Pioneer DJ, ROLI, Novation, and more.

Universal Audio Apollo x4 Audio Interface
Photo by Universal Audio

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Universal Audio Introduces Apollo x4 and Twin X Audio Interfaces

Universal Audio Apollo x4 and Twin X Audio Interfaces

The new Apollo x4 and Twin X audio interfaces give you elite-class audio conversion and Realtime UAD Processing in a sleek, Thunderbolt 3 desktop unit. Access authentic plugin emulations of the most revered vintage hardware in the music industry.

Apollo Twin X is for bedroom producers looking for professional audio conversion and access to UAD’s iconic plugin collection. It delivers A/D and D/A conversion, two Unison-enabled preamps, DUO Core UAD plugin processing, and more.

Apollo x4 is for those interested in tracking larger, more advanced projects. It delivers A/D and D/A conversion, four Unison-enabled preamps, QUAD Core UAD plugin processing, and more.

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Mixed In Key Releases Captain Beat

Mixed in Key Captain Beat

Mixed In Key releases Captain Beat, the latest update to the award-winning Captain Plugins series. Captain Beat allows you to make beats quickly and intuitively. Either choose from hundreds of drum patterns from the bank library or record rhythms by finger drumming on the computer keyboard. You can also select a drum kit from Captain Beat’s extensive drum kit collection or load in your own samples.

Captain Beat also offers a variety of controls and effects to sculpt your sounds. Last, finish by exporting the Audio or MIDI to your DAW. You can also easily mix and match patterns from different genres to create original percussive patterns. It’s an excellent beat-making tool that combines sequencing, sample-manipulation, and sound design!

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Could Emvoice One Revolutionize Vocal Synthesis?

Emvoice One Vocal Synthesizer

The Emvoice One is a vocal synthesizer plugin designed to deliver realistic vocal performances.

The plugin runs on a cloud-based vocal engine. It works by drawing musical phrases as notes. Each phrase is then assigned a text box where you type the words for the vocal phrase. The cloud-based engine then reconstructs thousands of vocal samples and returns the complete vocal to your DAW over the internet. Even breath sounds are generated to work realistically around the notes you program.

The company says, “What you hear when you listen to Emvoice One isn’t artificial – it’s a real singer’s voice, recombined to interpret your own words.”

You can download Emvoice One for free. However, it comes with a limited number of notes. For full access, you must purchase a voice package.

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D16 Group Releases Godfazer Modulation Plugin

D16-Group Godfazer Plugin

Godfazer is an advanced modulation effect plugin designed for creative sound design. It combines multiple modulation options and filter types to create a variety of effects. Create tremolos, chorus, rotary speaker emulations, unique filtering, phasing, auto-panning, and more. It’s a versatile plugin with loads of features!

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iZotope Launches Dialogue Match

iZotope Dialogue Match

Dialogue Match extracts the reverb, EQ, and ambiance data of a dialogue recording. It then applies the profile to other dialogue recordings to create audio consistency across multiple environments. It’s a tool intended for re-recording mixers who deliver the final sound mix for films and television programs. However, you can also use it for music production. For example, use the EQ Module to match the tonal characteristics of vocals or the Reverb Module to capture spatial reflections.

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ROLI Launches BLOCKS Studio Edition Controllers

ROLI BLOCKS Studio Edition

ROLI announces the new Studio Editions of their touch-responsive controllers. The BLOCKS Studio Edition controllers now feature ROLI Studio software. This software suite brings new composition tools, 100s of MPE sounds, better effects, deeper integration, and more. It also includes ROLI Studio Drums, a plugin that lets beatmakers bend drum sounds in unique ways.

ROLI also improved the Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block M controllers. Enhancements include better finger tracking, MPE expression outputs, multi-Block connectivity, and Bluetooth support.

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V-MODA Introduces the M-200 Studio Headphones

V-MODA M-200 Studio Headphones

V-MODA enters the studio game with its first-ever reference headphones designed for music producers and musicians.

The closed-back M-200 studio headphones feature 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets, CCAW voice coils, sweat-resistant PU leather, and detachable magnetic memory foam cushions. They also reproduce frequencies up to 40kHz to deliver a balanced tonal range. They were even awarded the Hi‑Res Audio certification by the Japan Audio Society (JAS) for their detail and accuracy. In addition, V-MODA offers customization options to add a personal touch.

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Novation Announces Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini MK3

Novation Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini MK3

Novation celebrates its 10th anniversary by introducing the Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini MK3 controllers for Ableton Live.

Both MIDI controllers feature a grid of velocity and pressure-sensitive RGB pads, transport controls, two playing modes, and seamless integration with Ableton Live. They provide fast clip and scene launching, expressive instrument play, transport control, and mixer control.

Other useful features include Drum and Note Modes for switching between playing percussive and melodic notes. There’s also a Capture MIDI button that captures everything you just played, even if you forgot to press record.

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The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ is Here

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ is a professional all-in-one DJ system. This 4-channel DJ system features a professional layout and a ton of advanced features. It comes loaded with a 4-channel mixer, full-size jog wheels, 16 multicolored Performance Pads, 20 effects, a 7-inch LCD touch screen, a 64-bit digital signal processor, and more. It also supports Pro DJ Link. Connect external equipment such as CDJs and sync the audio to your mix. It’s the ultimate performance DJ setup.

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Gruv Gear Finds a Solution to Recovering Lost-and-Found Gear

Gruv Gear HomingPIN

Gruv Gear is a premium travel lifestyle brand that makes innovative backpacks, cases, and accessories for traveling musicians. The company partnered with HomingPIN, a recovery tag that attaches to an item. The device creates a process to recover lost property with help from airports and fellow travelers.

Losing or misplacing your luggage and music gear while traveling can be devastating. The HomingPIN global recovery system greatly improves the chances of finding your belongings!

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