ICON proudly welcomes students from all over the world into the Los Angeles program. Our unique and diverse learning environment embraces a thriving collective community. As an international student at ICON, you will not only receive an excellent education in music production, but you will also enjoy the chance to build professional and personal relationships that last a lifetime.

International Student F-1 Visas are available for all on-campus Los Angeles programs. The Online Music Production Program and the Intro Course are not eligible.

Our Los Angeles campus also brings you to California’s epicenter for entertainment, art, technology, and opportunity. California also remains one of the most vibrant and beautiful American states. It boasts a thriving culture, gorgeous weather, a diverse population, and so much more.


How do I apply to ICON as an International Student?

International students must first be accepted at ICON before obtaining the F-1 Visa. You will also need a Form I-20 from ICON before applying for an F-1 Student Visa. Contact our Admissions Department for full details about the U.S. student visa application process. There is an additional fee of $100 to cover the cost of mailing the I-20 to you. This fee is refundable if you are not accepted into the program.

Once I am accepted, what do I need to be able to enter the U.S. and attend ICON?

You must first submit all the documents required by the school for admission. Second, get a Form I-20 from the school (via mail in your home country). Third, apply and receive your visa from the U.S. Embassy in your country. Finally, you must be present for your registration and the date of your orientation. Check with our Admissions Department if you need to conduct these meetings online.

Can my spouse and or child come to the U.S. with me?

Yes. You must provide a copy of your marriage certificate and a copy of your spouse and/or child’s passport. You must also provide proof of living expenses for your spouse and/or child. After approval, dependents will receive an F-2 visa.

Is a TOEFL score required to attend ICON?

No. But, you will need a passing score on ICON’s English Proficiency Exam if you are not from one of the countries listed below. You can also meet this requirement if you attended any of the following:

  • High school in the USA
  • Have a diploma from a secondary school in a system which English is the official language of instruction
  • Completed one or more years of postsecondary education at an English-speaking institution
  • Provided an official transcript in English

Exempt Countries: Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Botswana, Canada, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, Ghana, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Nigeria, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua, New Guinea, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, St. Lucia, Sweden, Tonga, Trinidad, Tobago, United Kingdom, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

How do I get my visa?

ICON will mail a Form I-20. Complete the form and pay the $350 SEVIS I-901 fee online. Bring the payment receipt, completed Form I-20, and your passport to the meeting with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Follow the instructions given by the Embassy or Consulate to obtain your visa. You may also have to pay visa application fees. Please check with your local U.S. Consulate for amounts as they vary depending on the country.

How long does it take to get my visa?

The time it takes for the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to create your visa will vary depending on the country and on how busy they are at the time. We suggest calling the Embassy or Consulate in your country to see how long it will take to process your visa.

Can I study at ICON on a B-1/B-2 tourist visa?

No. United States immigration regulations state that tourist visa holders may not take a full-time course of study.

Am I allowed to study part-time?

No. All international students must maintain full-time status. You can request part-time enrollment if you are in your last session and need a few credits to graduate. There are a few exceptions, such as medical reasons or language problems. Check with ICON’s Registrar for details. The Registrar’s Office will also need to approve all requests for part-time study.

Does ICON provide housing for international students?

ICON does not provide housing for students. But, our housing assistance can help connect you with students and graduates looking for roommates or housing.

Can I apply for an Optional Practical Training (OPT) work permit?

To be eligible for OPT, you must complete and graduate from the enrolled programs. You must also attend ICON for a minimum of one academic year (nine months/three quarters). You will not be eligible if you have done OPT previously. Apply for an OPT with the Registrar’s Office at the beginning of your final quarter at ICON. They will assist you with the process.

For which Programs can I receive an International Visa?

All our on-campus Los Angeles programs qualify. The Online Music Production Program and
Intro Course are not eligible. For more information please contact our admissions department.


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