Instructor Spotlight: HABITAAT

Get to know more about Tomas Wischerath aka HABITAAT, one of Icon Collective’s Studio Techniques and Synthesis Instructors.


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Tomas (aka HABITAAT) is a producer, DJ, and sound designer from San Francisco, CA. He is one of our more recent additions to the team here at Icon Collective. Tomas also teaches Icon’s Studio Techniques and Synthesis programs at the LA campus.

I love to bring music producers together to create in new captivating ways. Tomas

An alumnus of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, Tomas is a trained recording engineer. He has worked at Different Fur Studios, San Francisco’s leading analog and digital studio. He has also provided sound design services and music for various creative agencies in the Bay Area. Moreover, Tomas has also led creative music production workshops in San Francisco and Berlin, Germany.

Producing and DJing as HABITAAT, Tomas’ music captures underground and eclectic world vibes mixed with the energy of hip hop that comes from growing up in the Bay Area hyphy era. As a DJ, Tomas has also shared the stage along with artists such as Whethan and Duke Dumont.

In the following short interview, Tomas talks about his experiences at Icon Collective. He also expresses his passion for music and teaching as well as offers some music production advice.

What’s your experience been like working within the Collective?

Teaching at Icon Collective has been an amazing, life-changing experience so far. It’s creatively affirming to be surrounded by so many talented young students, songwriters, and creative people. It makes me want to go harder as a producer. I also love teaching, love making music, and love empowering creators. Working here has also allowed me to do all three in the best way that I can.

How has working around young artists – your mentees and students – changed your perspective regarding your own creativity and approach to music?

I’ve seen a pretty big change in my music-making process since working for Icon. I also believe being around younger producers plays a big part in that. I’m sharing and teaching every day. I also get to share my experience and knowledge. At the same time, I learn so much from the students as well. It helps that Icon Collective is such a collaborative environment. Just imagine all the tips and techniques you can learn when you’re around so many other music makers all day.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received in terms of making music and/or following your passion?

The best production advice I got was to focus on the process. We all started making music because we loved the feeling of creating, making something, experimenting, and putting something new into the world. As you progress, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to sound like others, make what’s popular or compare yourself to others. That’s an easy way to put a lot of pressure on yourself, and I’ve been there before. It’s also easy to just not make music or to fall into inaction. That pressure and expectation can really kill creativity.

So instead, focus on the process, focus on enjoying yourself, and look at it as a beginner. Also, remember to have fun! Show up every day, and when those creative juices hit you, great, and if they don’t, that’s okay too. Guaranteed, you’re going to make more music, and people will be able to tell that you were enjoying yourself as you made it.

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