Pizooki: ICON Student Spotlight

This student spotlight features Pizooki, an inspiring artist with a goal to remind listeners they’re all part of something larger than themselves. Check out his latest remix and our exclusive interview.

Pizooki - ICON Student Spotlight

Introducing Pizooki

Since a young age, Jarret Bailey (aka Pizooki) has traveled all over the world, engaging in dozens of different cultures. He also comes from a diverse family. His father was born in Jamaica, and his mother was born in England.

Pizooki also spent time living in Ireland and Taiwan. During this time, he visited Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other places around the world.

Coming off that worldly experience, Jarret realized two crucial things: First, all these cultures celebrate and share their version of music. Second, music is the glue holding everyone together despite cultural differences.

Pizooki approaches his productions with this authentic understanding of human connection. His honest intentions also shine through his music, fostering an uplifting and jubilant sound independent of genre.

It’s hard not to catch the Pizooki Vibe; whether it’s through an original production, remix, or his visual work!

Check out Pizooki’s recent take on “ROXANNE” by Arizona Zervas.

Pizooki Interview

In this exclusive interview, we discussed Pizooki’s diverse background and his time at ICON. We also went into how he integrates his unique experiences from traveling the world into the different aspects of his artistic profile. Read what he has to stay!

1. Your artist bio says your “origin and background stem from all over the world.” How has that diversity affected your music?

While growing up in different parts of the globe, I’ve been fortunate to open my mind to many customs and lifestyles.

I’ve also been impacted by a vast amount of cultures and diverse ways of celebrating music. It has given me light into how I want my music to affect everyone around me. I’m more open to making all genres of music, and it keeps me from creating inside a box.

The Pizooki brand makes everyone feel like they’re a part of something greater, no matter the differences and backgrounds. I can listen to any genre of music and still catch my head bobbing!

2. You recently remixed “ROXANNE” by Arizona Zervas. You were also featured in EDM Sauce for your remix of Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.” What do you enjoy about remixes? How does it feel to put an electronic music twist on a song not intended for dance music?

I had fun doing the remix of Roxanne! It took me out of my comfort zone because I hadn’t dabbled into Bass House until that remix. I also enjoy music that can touch my soul in some shape or form. Then, recreate it in a refreshing new light. The song was already amazing, so being a part of what was already beautiful art is liberating.

With a strong love for the dance scene, it’s also rewarding to take a song and introduce it to an entire culture within the dance music community. I will definitely look into doing more in the future!

3. You’ve paired a lot of motion pictures with your music through vlogs, dance videos, visualizers, and more. How do visuals advance the Pizooki aesthetic?

I love bridging music and visuals! I also have a strong vision for branding and the entire look of the Pizooki aesthetic.

Music does a freaking good job of conveying emotion and feeling into each listener. Sometimes I want to make the picture and feeling even stronger by telling the story through something the audience can actually see!

My brand has an entire aesthetic and look already laid out. I also admire artists who create the experience for their brand through live show setups and visual art. It takes their music to the next level.

Also, I’ve always pictured what a mega show would look like with thousands of people. I want it to be an experience. I also want the audience to feel as though they are a part of the show.

Without giving too much of my plans away for Pizooki, I’ve also envisioned how the lighting and visuals will make each attendant feel special during my shows!

4. You finished your fourth and final quarter here at ICON. What was the most valuable lesson you learned from the program?

Man, that’s a tough one. Especially when I’ve been given so much awesome advice and guidance throughout my time at ICON. It’s insane that classes are over!

If I had to narrow it down to the most valuable lesson, it would be that everyone in the music industry (even the entertainment industry) experiences the same fear and doubt for themselves. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at with your music or art.

The difference between people higher within the music industry is that they didn’t quit. They trusted themselves enough to continue the process. They also push past fear and doubt as they continue to grow.

The other side of your fears is success. It’s essential to face them. No one will believe in you more than yourself, so don’t give up on “You.” Also, keep working hard for what you believe in, and it’ll come to fruition. But make sure you do so while being a light to everyone else. Help grow all those around you trying to improve. You need an army alongside you in this industry, so make sure you go to war for others too!

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