5 Free VST Plugins: March 2019

This free VST plugins roundup features a modular synth, distortion effect, multi-modulation effect, a virtual instrument library, and a Juno-60 inspired chorus.

Free VST Plugins

Free VST Plugins

Each month we search the web for some of the music industry’s most essential freeware instrument and effect plugins. This list of free VST plugin downloads offers five modern tools for your arsenal. No need to spend a dime or waste time trawling the internet.

1. VCV Rack | Virtual Modular Synthesizer

VCV Rack VST Plugin

Dip your toes into the world of modular syntheses for free. VCV Rack gives you an entire simulated Eurorack on your computer. This open-source virtual modular synthesizer also has a growing library of free modules. However, VCV Rack is a standalone instrument. You’ll also need the free VeeSeeVSTRack software to use VCV Rack as a VST plugin.

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2. Temper | Digital Distortion

Temper VST Plugin

Temper is a modern digital distortion plugin featuring a rich saturation stage and unique phase distortion. Use the variable saturation curve to add warmth and edge to your sound. The phase distortion brings character and clarity to your mix. Temper also features a simple resonant lowpass filter and a feedback path to drive the intensity of the tone.

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3. Flutterbird | Volume and Pitch Modulation

Flutterbird VST Plugin

Flutterbird is a free modulation VST plugin for adding pitch and volume fluctuation to incoming audio. Use it for traditional wow/flutter effects or for more chaotic, extreme modulation. Flutterbird features four separate oscillators with adjustable speeds that can be mapped to either pitch or volume.

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4. LABS | Virtual Instrument Libraries

Spitfire Audio LABS VST Plugin

The LABS series of instrument plugins offer a line of free sound libraries. They all feature simplified controls such as sliders for expression and dynamics, and a big knob you can customize to your workflow. The growing list of expansion libraries includes Peel Guitar, Frozen Strings, Synth Pads, Choir, Electric Piano, and several others.

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5. TAL-Chorus-LX | Chorus Effect

TAL-Chorus-LX VST Plugin

TAL-Chorus-LX is a free chorus VST plugin. It models the chorus circuit on Roland’s iconic Juno-60 synthesizer. This simple effect features two modes, Dry/Wet control, and a Volume knob. Use it to add rich chorus and stereo width to your sounds.

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