Creative Motivation from Thundercat, LSDream, and Timbaland.

It’s Wednesday. The beginning of the week is far gone and the end of the week is in sight. We’re here to give you that extra boost of motivation to finish strong. Below we dive into the creativity of three prolific artists: Thundercat, LSDream, and Timbaland. Let their art and their mindset give you a much needed boost before you hit the weekend.


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Fuel Your Inspiration With Excitement

Gratitude, “play it forward”

On the season 2 Finale of NPR’s Play It Forward, Bassmaster Thundercat expressed gratitude for the multi instrumental virtuoso, Louis Cole

“I would like to say, I love you man. I’m excited to see where you’re going, where you’ll take things, all the time. Keep creating, man. What you’re doing is definitely changing the world. Just keep going.”

No comparisons

When starting out, it’s common for artists to fall into a comparison trap. Watching your peers succeed can make you feel inadequate or like you’re on the wrong path, even jealous of their talents or success. 

We rise together

One of the most beautiful things about being an artist is drawing inspiration from your peers. It’s like a musical domino effect. You consume art from another that inspires you, then you take that inspiration and channel it into your art which starts the effect all over again!

LSDream: Express What You Need To Express

There are no limitations attached to your art except for those you’ve constructed in your mind. In our course “Art of Flow” the discussion of Ego is often and recurring. Understanding the voice in your head frees you from the endless amount of self imposed limitations.

An artist who has embraced his wildest aspirations is LSDREAM, formerly known as Brillz.

Authentic Expression

Brillz was a very established and successful project (TWONK Team anyone?), so the question is:

Why would he make such a sudden and significant shift? The reason is quite simple:

  • “I’m an artist, and I’m here on this planet to express the things that need to come out,“ he told Idolator

Fluid Creativity

Throughout ICON’s 15 years, so many students have made similar shifts in artistry across their time here. Some examples

  • MindchatterFirst sang on his music after taking songwriting at ICON. Has now released his debut album, Imaginary Audience, with vocals on every track.
  • WenzdayStarted out as an open-format DJ when she arrived, but refined her style to “Heartbreak House” a brand she has championed since graduating.

This is your friendly reminder to let your music evolve as you do. Your life is a journey. Bring your music along for the ride like a trusty companion. Use it to celebrate the highs and learn from the lows. Whatever you want to express, you can regardless of what you’ve made in the past. 

Check out LSDRream’s full interview about his courageous transition here


Stay inspired with the GOAT,  Timbaland.

Timbaland’s legendary career is built on an unmatched ability to stay relevant. No matter what’s happening in the music industry, Timbo is there setting trends and crushing beats. Not even COVID could stop him.

Within weeks of quarantine, Timbaland tapped fellow legendary beatsmith Swizz Beats for Verzuz, a beat battle series on Instagram Live. After the massive success of the first battle, Timbo hosted dozens more guests, creating what was called the “Verzuz Effect.” 

The Verzuz Effect

The Verzuz Effect is simply Timbaland’s relevance extending to other guest battlers. By using a modern medium like Instagram Live, fellow legendary artists Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle reached an entirely new fanbase, jacking up their streaming numbers higher than ever.

At the core of this project are three key factors:

  • Hard Work – A shifting industry has no effect on individual work ethic. To thrive in the music industry you have to create your own opportunities
  • Love of the craft – Timbaland started Verzuz for the culture. As a result, fellow lovers of the culture were drawn to the project and money resulted.
  • Collaboration – Timbaland wanted to keep creating and so he reached out to fellow creators to create together

The Time Is Now

Timbaland did not develop his work ethic and collaboration skills after he became a legend. He did so long before and that’s what MADE him a legend.

Follow in his footsteps. Start your own live stream show. Hit up new producers to collaborate with.. If you act out of love of the craft, you will accomplish all you desire.

See what kind of artists benefited from the Verzuz Effect with the full list of battles

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