Congrats to ICON’s Spring 2020 Collaboration Project Winners

Congratulations to the Spring 2020 Collab Project winners for Best EP, Best Single, and Best Artwork. Also, special thanks to all the student members and ICON staff for another exciting Collaboration Project!

Icon Collective Spring 2020 Collab Project Winners

What is the Collaboration Project?

Working together effectively is key to success in the music business. The Collaboration Project course helps students build collaborative skills while producing a project as a creative team.

During Level 4 of ICON’s LA Music Production Program, students work in teams to overcome obstacles while producing a musical project. They are assigned to groups and must collaborate to create a 3-track EP in 10 weeks.

At the end of the quarter, an internal judging panel meets at the Collaboration Project Showcase and selects the winning EP. Winners of the Collab Project will have their EP promoted across all ICON channels.

Follow ICON Collective on Soundcloud or search #IconCollabEP to hear more.

Spring 2020 Collab Project Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the Spring 2020 Collaboration Project. Congratulations to all the student members, Best EP Winners, Best Artwork Winners, Honorable Mentions, and everyone else who helped make this Collaboration Project a success. Well done!

1. Best EP | ‘As We Go’ by One Giant Leap

EP: ‘As We Go’ is the winning three-track EP by One Giant Leap
ICON Students: Jillian Schell, Aiden Kennedy, and Ty Sprock
Song Names: Human Race, Lone Traveler, and Deep Water

2. Best Single | ‘whereshudigo’ by Oddstump

Single: ‘whereshudigo’ is the winning single from the Tranquil EP by Oddstump
ICON Students: Russell Gielish, Evelyn Ho, and Zach Sternberg

3. Best Artwork | ‘As We Go’ by One Giant Leap

Artwork: The winning artwork from the ‘As We Go’ EP by One Giant Leap.
ICON Students: Jillian Schell, Aiden Kennedy, and Ty Sprock
Song Names: Human Race, Lone Traveler, and Deep Water

As We Go EP Artwork by One Giant Leap
As We Go EP Artwork by One Giant Leap

Honorable Mentions

The Collab Project Honorable Mentions recognizes the talent and effort of teams with excellent music. Check out these featured tracks from Chasm, Dante’s Coda, Kauri, Manic Depressive, and Syn City.

1. ‘In The Night’ by Chasm

ICON Students: Lucas Rentes, Nicolas Gutzwiller, and Will Munholland

2. ‘Empty Skies’ by Dante’s Coda

ICON Students: Nat Ho, Wyatt Pavlik, and Alan Flores Mancilla

3. ‘All Night’ by Kauri

ICON Students: Blake Anderson and Armand Uomoleale

4. ‘Memory’ by Manic Depressive

ICON Students: Alex Gresham and Connor Chiu Instructor

5. ‘There She Go’ by Syn City

ICON Students: Michael Gruden and Carlos Mendoza

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