Create Music Fast and Easy with Captain Plugins 2.0

Mixed in Key unveils Captain Plugins 2.0 software for music composition. The new series of music production tools bring new features and greater workflow.

Captain Plugins 2.0

Captain Chords 2.0 by Mixed in Key

Captain Chords is the first in a series of the new Captain Plugins from Mixed in Key. This new series of advanced composition tools help you write chord progressions, melodies, basslines, and more.

The recently released Captain Chords 2.0 gives both seasoned pros and beginners the ability to compose music faster. The new update adds to an extensive set of features and custom chord structures. The composition process is fun and easy without needing any knowledge of music theory or chord building.

New Features in Captain Chords 2.0

Captain Plugins 2.0

1. Write or Identify Any Chord from Your Midi Keyboard

Connect your MIDI keyboard to play notes and identify chords played from MIDI. Captain Chords will add them to your progression for further editing. Combine both ways of writing chords to increase workflow.

2. Strum

Adds a few milliseconds of delay to the notes of your chords. It creates a timing feel that’s like strumming on a guitar. Moreover, the exported MIDI clip contains the strummed note delay.

3. Swing

Advanced control to shape the funkiness of the groove. This slider control adjusts the swing of the notes in your chord progressions.

4. Chord Progression Layouts

Choose different layouts that change rhythm and timing of your chord progressions. This feature creates unexpected chord changes that happen at unexpected times.

5. How-To-Guide

There’s a How-To-Guide link that’s visible at all times. Click this button to display help guides for Captain Chords, Captain Deep, Captain Melody, and an FAQ section.

The Captain Plugins 2.0 Ecosystem

Captain Plugins 2.0

The Captain Plugins 2.0 series includes three additional plugins to help you lock in your chords, melodies, and basslines.

  • The Mac version comes with Captain Chords, Captain Melody, Captain Deep, and Captain Play
  • The Windows version comes with Captain Chords, Captain Deep, and Captain Play.

Moreover, every plugin in the Captain series can communicate with each other when running inside the same DAW. Any changes inside Captain Chords will be automatically applied to all other Captain Plugins. This seamless communication makes it extremely easy to write, chords, melodies, rhythmic hooks, and basslines that complement each other. Also, this flawless integration allows you to discover harmonious rhythmic patterns between tracks. This ability makes it faster to create music.


Furthermore, Captain Plugins 2.0 allow real-time routing to other VST plugins such as Serum, Massive, and all others. Hardware output is also available. You can route Captain Plugins to analog synths and any other hardware that supports the MIDI protocol.

Pricing and Availability

Captain Chords 2.0 is available as a free update for existing customers. New customers can buy the entire suite of Captain Plugins for $79.

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