10 Best Studio Desks For Music Production

This Icon Picks roundup features ten studio desks under $2,000. It lists both professional studio desks and entry-level desks for home music production studios.

Output Platform Studio Desk
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Choosing the Best Studio Desk

Are you shopping for a professional or home studio desk? We’ve rounded up ten quality music production desks. This list offers both professional studio desks and entry-level desks to start a home music production studio. In each selection, quality, function, design, and value are at the forefront.

Whether you’re producing music, recording, mixing, or mastering, choosing the right desk for your studio is essential. A dedicated studio desk boosts workflow by putting your most-used gear right at your fingertips. It also helps organize your music equipment and cables to achieve a clutter-free workspace. Moreover, a stylish studio desk will complete the professional vibe of your creative space.

This studio desk buyers guide lists ten functional and stylish music production workstations under $2,000.

Tips for Choosing a Studio Desk

Choosing the right studio desk for your needs depends on space, functionality, design, and budget. Below are helpful tips to consider when buying a studio desk:

Desk size and studio space: It’s crucial to know the dimensions of the area where you intend to position the studio desk. The available studio space will determine the desk size.

How much gear space: Studio desks offer various options to store and position equipment. For example, rack space to mount or store outboard gear, shelves to position your computer monitor and studio monitors, a slide-out keyboard tray, cable management features, and more. Choose a desk that can accommodate your music gear. Also, consider what additional equipment you may add in the future.

Ergonomics and positioning of your gear: The design of many studio desks have ergonomics in mind. Ensure the design meets your needs and workflow. For example, ensure the studio monitor bridge has an optimum listening position. Also, check the desktop height to ensure your arms rest at a comfortable 90-degree angle. Last, consider the surface area size and positioning of your gear.

Build and materials: The build quality and materials used to construct the desk will affect the price, durability, longevity, and aesthetics. Carefully consider the materials and design. You’ll want a desk that is sturdy enough to hold your gear and will last.

Style and design: The design plays into functionality and style. Consider a desk that stores and places your gear in optimal positions. Also, choose a desk with a look and vibe that complements your studio.

Budget: Studio desks are not cheap. Quality music production workstations can range from $500 to $6,000. Budget will play a big role in quality, size, equipment storage, functionality, and design.


1. AZ Studio Workstations | Spike 88 Keyboard Studio Desk

Spike 88 Keyboard Studio Desk

The Spike 88 workstation is an excellent studio desk for a home studio with limited space. Its modern design sports a slide-out 88-key keyboard tray with three adjustable heights for a tailored fit. It also features 6RU of rack space and a spacious top shelf to position your computer monitor and studio monitors. Moreover, AZ Studio Workstations offers limitless custom options. Request design changes or any specific measurements and requirements you may have.

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2. Output | Platform Studio Desk

Output Platform Studio Desk

Platform is a stylish studio desk constructed with 100% real wood. It features a bridge for studio monitors, 9U of rack space, sleek cable management, and an optional slide-out keyboard tray with adjustable heights. Platform also ships with rack ears to mount gear such as audio interfaces, processors, instruments, and other equipment. Moreover, Platform’s attractive modern design will add style to your creative space.

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3. Studio Desk | Beat Series

Studio Desk | Beat Series

The Beat Series workstations by Studio Desk are one of the most stylish and functional desks on the market. The Beat desk is perfect for home and professional producers with limited space. It provides more space for gear than expected from a desk this size. It also features high-quality materials, an angled top shelf for an optimal listening position, a slide-out 61-key keyboard tray, 4U of rack space, cable management, and more.

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4. Zaor Studio | Vision Line

Zaor Studio Vision W Studio Desk

Zoar Studio’s new “VISION” line of studio desks offer style and modular options. There are two models and a line of accessories. The “VISION O” is a 63-inch wide desk that offers enough open space to place your music production gear. The “VISION W” features a second level with three 19-inch rack bays and shelf space above for multiple computer screens and studio monitors.

In addition, the Vision line offers two accessories to expand functionality. The “VISION K” is a height-adjustable controller keyboard trolley shelf that slides underneath the desktop. The “VISION R” is a side rack unit that offers 15 extra 19-inch rack unit spaces.

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5. On-Stage | WS7500 Workstation

On-Stage WS7500 Workstation

The WS7500 workstation is perfect for the home studio with limited space. This compact studio desk is ergonomically designed for comfort and work efficiency. It features a sturdy steel tube frame, a top-shelf to support your computer monitor and studio monitors, and a slide-out keyboard tray. The company also offers a line of accessories to add functionality as your studio grows. Moreover, it has an affordable price tag for those on a budget!

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6. SCS | Slimline Keyboard Desks

SCS Slimline Keyboard Desks

SCS makes some the best high-end professional studio workstations. Their Slimline Keyboard Desk has a sturdy hardwood construction supported by two metal legs. It also features a slide-out 88-key keyboard tray, 8RU of rack space, cable management, multiple wood grains, and more.

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7. Argosy | Halo.G Workstation

Argosy Halo.G Workstation

HALO.G brings a high-end line of studio desks with modular features to meet your needs. The HALO.G Base Desk offers a sleek and straightforward design you can build on. Its high-quality aluminum chassis and powder-coated steel legs are durable and attractive. It also features a full-length padded armrest to increase comfort, integrated floor levelers, and an aluminum extrusion accessory rail. Moreover, its ergonomic design features an angled workspace, perfect for screen-based work environments.

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8. Zaor Studio | Miza 61

Zaor Studio Miza 61 Studio Desk

The Miza 61 workstation sports a modern design and plenty of space for your gear. It features a wide desktop, slide-out 61-key keyboard tray, cable management, and eight rack bays. It also offers plenty of space on the top shelf to position your computer monitor and studio monitors. Moreover, the Miza 61 will add a high-class look to your home studio.

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9. Ultimate Support | Nucleus 2

Ultimate Support Nucleus 2 Studio Desk

The Nucleus Series modular workstations expand your workspace as your needs grow. Nucleus 2 is a sleek looking base model you can change with accessories. It sports a powder-coated finish, quality materials, and plenty of space for your gear. It also features a slide-out keyboard tray and a second tier to position your computer monitor and studio monitors. Moreover, the desk legs provide sonic isolation and decoupling.

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10. RAB Audio | ProRak MK 61

RAB Audio ProRak MK 61 Studio Desk

The ProRak MK 61 is a solid workstation that offers plenty of space for your gear. It features a height-adjustable slide-out 61-key keyboard tray and three 4U of rack bays. Moreover, it has adjustable legs, a comfortable amount of knee clearance, and steel cross braces that provide rock-solid stability. Also, ProRak needs no tools to assemble!

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Budget Studio Desks

There is a lot of budget-friendly music production workstations on the market. Below are five affordable studio desks worth considering:

1. Studio RTA Creation Station
2. Omnirax Presto 4 Studio Desk
3. Studio Trends 46″ Studio Desk
4. Studio RTA Producer Station
5. RAB Audio ProRak 48

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