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ICON’s Music Production School in Los Angeles provides aspiring artists industry-leading music education. See why our students choose to learn music production at ICON.

ICON’s Music Production School in Los Angeles Is Created by Artists for Artists

Since 2005, ICON Collective has been at the forefront of music education. Our proven approach to music production empowers students to achieve their goals in the music industry.

ICON will prepare you for success! Whether you aspire to be the next mainstage touring artist, a professional electronic music producer, a mastering engineer, or any other career in the recording industry.

You will leave ICON Collective with

  • The knowledge, experience, and skills to thrive in the music and entertainment industries
  • A profound understanding of your artistic path and the music business
  • A professional network ready to support you as you embark on your musical journey
  • A catalog of professional-sounding music ready for release on major labels
  • The motivation and inspiration to live a successful, creative lifestyle

The results of ICON’s Music Production Programs speak for themselves!

Why Choose ICON Collective College of Music

ICON Collective is a higher-education music school with proven results. We are an accredited music school and Ableton Certified.

Our College of Music offers immersive music production programs available in Los Angeles and Online. ICON’s comprehensive curriculum and philosophies teach you core technical skills while unlocking your unique creative process.

Learning the principles and practices of music production is only part of creating high-quality music. We also provide students the tools and strategies to brand, market, distribute, and sell their music.

In addition, our staff and instructors are working professionals making their mark in the music industry. They share their real-world knowledge and experience in both classroom settings and one-on-one sessions.

Students work with these professional mentors throughout their time at ICON. This opportunity gives each student individual attention to develop their desired skills and unique creative vision.

Our Industry-Leading Music Production Programs in Los Angeles

Icon Collective Music Production School in Los Angeles
Icon Collective Classroom

ICON’s Music Production Programs provide the most intuitive and in-depth music courses in the industry.

Whether you are an experienced musician or a talented newbie, ICON can match your skill level!

Our comprehensive curriculum teaches you a variety of subjects. The immersive music programs cover the fundamentals, including:

  • Audio Production
  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting
  • Music Composition
  • Song Structure
  • Music Arrangement
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Music Technology
  • Synthesis
  • Artist Development
  • Sound Design
  • Vocal Production
  • Keyboard Techniques
  • Remixing
  • Audio Sampling
  • Audio Editing
  • Ear Training
  • Critical Listening
  • Collaboration
  • Music Marketing
  • Music Business

Students also become proficient in using the latest music technology. Learn hands-on with Ableton Live or Pro Tools, software instruments and effects, mixing consoles, MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, and other music studio essentials.

Don’t hesitate! Learn the technical and creative aspects of music production to create original, commercial-grade music.

Ready to master the art of music production and launch your music career with confidence?

Our Thriving Music Community

When you join ICON, you join a Collective for life.

ICON Collective has built a connected community of artists, producers, DJs, and other music industry professionals. Each member of this Collective fits into the communal spirit we’ve curated from the start.

Every artist needs a support network to help them learn and succeed. At ICON, we give you that network. Our expanding Collective opens doors to continued learning, music collaboration, support groups, exclusive privileges, and more.

Dubstep DJ Spock Teaching in Music Production School Classroom
Live! Q&A with Spock

ICON also provides students additional training and support even after they graduate. All LA graduates receive alumni privileges and exclusive access to resources, including:

  • Access to our facilities and professional recording studios for life
  • Weekly Open Office Hour sessions hosted by instructors and staff
  • Exclusive access to various support groups, mentor sessions, and career services
  • Access to exclusive resources and events. ICON frequently hosts Q&A events with seasoned veterans of the music industry

Some of our industry guests include Jauz, Slander, the manager of deadmau5, record label reps from Owsla, and more.

Featured ICON Collective Alumni

Join the ranks of ICON Alumni making waves in the world of music.

The success of our alumni inspires future generations of students to pursue their musical dreams in the entertainment industry. We could not be prouder of their success!

Meet some esteemed ICON Collective Alumni thriving in their chosen fields.

Book a Campus Tour at Our Exciting New Facility

Music Production School in Los Angeles
Icon Collective Open House Tour

Explore our Los Angeles campus! The admissions department gives exclusive on-campus tours all the time.

Our guided tours offer an opportunity for prospective students to experience ICON. Guests get access to the school and its impressive amenities. You will also meet integral members of the Collective, interact with professional music gear, and take an in-depth look at the curriculum.

Music Production School Testimonials

The ICON Collective reviews are positive! Check out what our students are saying about their experience at ICON:

The Thriving Los Angeles Music Scene

Los Angeles, California, boasts the most vibrant and bustling music scene in the world. It’s the center of the thriving music industry. That’s why ICON started in LA.

Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles California
Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles California

As an ICON student, you have access to more than the amazing education you receive on campus. You also gain access to LA, an exciting city with endless opportunities for aspiring artists.

Numerous record labels, managers, booking agents, promoters, music publishers, and other industry professionals work in Los Angeles. They thrive while making their dreams happen. You can too!

The culture we curate on campus extends the Los Angeles music scene. Support, authenticity, and hard work will take you far in LA, and ICON is next to the action!

Our Burbank location is less than 15 minutes from the heart of Hollywood and less than 20 minutes from Downtown LA. It’s the ideal location to create, learn, and explore California.

Downtown Burbank is also a vibrant destination at the epicenter of the creative community. The surrounding area combines bustling activity, entertainment, dining, shopping, rich culture, and casual vibes. It’s the quintessential SoCal experience!

Begin Your Music Journey and Join the Collective

Take the first step towards your artistic dreams. Apply for ICON today!

Still have questions? Our dedicated admissions department will answer questions about the music programs, admissions process, tuition, life at ICON, and anything between.

Contact admissions by email at or by phone at (818) 299-8013.

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LA Music School FAQ

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ICON Collective is a Los Angeles and Online music production school that teaches you core technical skills while unlocking your unique creative process. Mentorships with industry professionals let you access real-world insights and help you personalize your music education. Check out our Music Production Programs.


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