10 Best Music Production Plugin Bundles

Looking for the best plugin bundles? This Icon Picks roundup features ten music production plugin bundles for mixing, mastering, and sound design.

10 Best Music Production Plugin Bundles

Music Production Plugin Bundles

There’s an overwhelming abundance of music production plugins available. It can be hard choosing the best plugins for your needs. In addition, buying several plugins for various purposes is pricey.

When looking to update your toolbox, consider music production plugin bundles. Many plugin bundles offer everything needed to create great music.

Whether you’re after effects plugins or looking to extend your virtual instruments arsenal, this guide has it covered.

Benefits of Music Production Plugin Bundles

Saves Money: The initial cost of plugin bundles is more than buying a single plugin. However, you get more for your money in the long-run. It’s more affordable to purchase a bundle compared to the combined cost of buying each plugin separately.

Intuitive Workflow: Plugins from the same developer often have similar layouts or features. This consistency makes it easier to learn and navigate each plugin in the bundle.

Variety of Tools: Plugin bundles offer a range of tools for various purposes. They come with all the essentials for either mixing, mastering, or sound design. You may also discover a new plugin that works better for a particular job.

Included Effects Rack: Many plugin bundles include a multi-effect rack. Effect racks make it easy to create simple or complex effect chains. You can also combine, rearrange, and save your effect chains as a preset.

1. Soundtoys | Soundtoys 5

Soundtoys 5 gives you all 21 audio effects plugins in their extensive collection. This plugin bundle is a long-time favorite among pro mix engineers, musicians, and sound designers. It offers all the essentials for mixing, mastering, and sound design. Also included is the Soundtoys Effect Rack. Combine plugins to build and manage custom multi-effect chains. Moreover, Soundtoys plugins are either emulations of classic hardware or draw inspiration from iconic gear. Check out their student discounts.

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2. FabFilter | Total Bundle

The Total Bundle gives you all 14 FabFilter plugins. With this bundle, you get a range of industry-leading audio effects and synthesizer plugins. This complete set of plugins offers everything needed to create and sculpt quality mixes. Moreover, FabFilter plugins have awesome interfaces, quality sound, and impressive features. The Total Bundle is also another highly recommended set of plugins trusted by pros. Check out their student discounts.

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3. Slate Digital | Everything Bundle

Slate Digital’s award-winning products are some of the best analog modeling plugins in the industry. With the Everything Bundle, you get every Slate Digital plugin in addition to all future plugins they release. This complete set of amazing tools is available as monthly and yearly subscriptions. Also included is Slate’s Virtual Mix Rack. The VMR makes it easy to create and manage custom channel strips with a library full of analog modeled plugins. Choose from dozens of vintage modeled EQs, compressors, enhancers, filters, preamps, mixing consoles, and more. Check out their student discounts.

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4. Waves Audio | Waves Gold

The Waves Gold Bundle brings you one of the industry’s most popular plugin sets. You get over 40 essential audio effects plugins for mixing and mastering. Moreover, it offers some of the most sought-after Waves plugins as well as newer additions. The Waves Gold Bundle is also very affordable. Check out their student discounts.

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5. iZotope | Music Production Suite

iZotope’s Music Production Suite combines seven next-level music production plugins. It offers the industry’s most innovative mixing, mastering, vocal production, and audio repair tools. You get Ozone 8 Advanced, Neutron 2 Advanced, RX 6 Standard, Nectar 2 Production Suite, VocalSynth, and Trash 2. Check out their student discounts.

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6. Native Instruments | Komplete 12

NI’s KOMPLETE 12 is an extensive production suite for artists, musicians, and sound designers. It packs all the creative tools you’ll ever need into four different packages. Supersize your library with NI’s biggest update ever. KOMPLETE 12 features new synths, sampled instruments, audio effects, and sound pack Expansions. It is the ultimate set of music production plugins. Check out their student discounts.

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7. Universal Audio | Analog Classics Pro Bundle

UAD’s Analog Classics Pro Bundle features five emulations of the most iconic analog effects in recording history. It includes the Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler, 1176 Classic Limiter, Pultec Passive EQ, Fairchild Tube Limiter, and UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collections. Add the warmth and character missing in digital productions with this revered set of EQ’s, compressors, and tube amps.

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8. Arturia | V Collection 6

Arturia’s V Collection bundles 21 emulations of legendary keyboard instruments. The set offers a range of modeled synths, organs, pianos, and keyboards. Moreover, each plugin comes with modern features to meet today’s demands. Get the classic sound of iconic instruments combined with innovative features. You’ll also find over 6,000 incredible preset sounds.

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9. IK Multimedia | T-RackS 5


T-RackS 5 provides you with a convenient, all-in-one modular approach to mixing and mastering. Version 5 offers four new modules for a total of 38 high-quality plugins. Moreover, its redesigned modular interface provides a streamlined workflow. T-RackS 5 also adds features like album assembly, multi-format export, and broadcast-ready metering tools. Moreover, it supplies everything needed to transform mixes into finished masters and prepare them for delivery.

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10. D16 Group | Total Bundle

D16 Total Bundle

D16’s Total Bundle elevates your virtual studio with 16 top-level plugins. It offers a powerful set of synths, delays, and modulation effects. Enjoy vintage Roland hardware emulations, Sigmund and Repeater delay’s, their flagship LuSH-101 synthesizer, and more. Ask about their student discounts.

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Bonus: u-he | Everything Bundle

u-he Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle comes with all 12 u-he plugins. You get six analog-modeled synths and six audio effects, including Uhbik, a suite of nine effects. It is an excellent set of music production and sound design tools. Moreover, u-he provides great-sounding analog inspired synths and effects.

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