15 Best Music Business Tips of 2019

Check out our 15 best music business tips of 2019. Learn how to build a foundation for long-term music industry success.

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Music Business Tips

Breaking into the music industry is challenging. It can be an overwhelming process learning music business in a rapidly changing music industry. Especially if you are busy improving your craft and finding inspiration for new music.

There’s lots of information on how to get into the music industry and what to do once you’re there. These music business tips offer essential guidance that will help you jump-start your music career and navigate the music industry as an aspiring artist. Learn the latest in music marketing, branding, distribution, publishing, collaboration, artist development, and more.

1. Being an Independent Artist vs. Signing to a Record Label

Neon Sign - Independent Artist vs. Signing to a Record Label
Photo By Nick Hillier

Should you go independent or sign with a record label? Learn the advantages and disadvantages of releasing music as an independent artist vs. signing with a record label.

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2. How to Build a Fan Base for Your Music

Concert Fan Base with Hand Hearts
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX

Learn how to build your fan base. Here are ten tips that will help you boost fan engagement, promote your brand, and increase fans.

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3. How to Design Effective Album Cover Art

Album Cover Art
Photo by Miguel Ferreira

Learn how to create stunning album cover art that will grab someone’s attention and get your music heard. This guide outlines cover art design best practices.

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4. 5 Reasons Why Music Collaboration Is Necessary

Music Collaboration in Icon Collective Studio

What is music collaboration, and how can this skill advance your music and career? Learn five benefits of collaborating with other creatives in the music industry.

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5. Digital Music Distribution: How to Sell Your Music Online

Digital Music Distribution

Learn what digital music distribution services are and how they help independent artists and record labels sell music online.

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6. What Is an A&R in the Digital Age

A&R in a Music Production Studio

What is an A&R? Learn how the A&R role is changing in the digital age and how to get the attention of an A&R to increase your odds of getting signed.

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7. How to Get Noticed by a Music Booking Agent

DJ on Stage with Music Booking Agent
Photo by Banter Snaps

Learn how to get noticed by a music booking agent. This guide explains the importance of a booking agent. It also offers tips on how to get noticed by a booking agency.

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8. How to Brand Yourself: 5 Music Branding Tips

Branding Painted on Brick Wall

Learn how to brand yourself in the music industry. ICON Grad Nick Voorhees shares five music branding tips to help you define your brand.

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9. What Are Neighboring Rights and How to Collect Them?

Vintage Microphone - Neighboring Rights

What are neighboring rights royalties? Learn about neighboring rights and how to collect royalties generated internationally from your music.

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10. Email Marketing for Musicians: How to Build a Mail List

Icon Collective Email Marketing for Musicians Phone

What is email marketing for musicians? Learn how to use email marketing to grow your fan base, promote your music, and boost your music career.

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11. How to Design an Effective Music Website

NGHTMRE Music Website

Learn how to design an effective music website. Here are ten tips for building a musician website that connects with your fans and music industry peers.

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12. What Is the Music Modernization Act and Why It Matters?

Music Modernization Act Money

What is the Music Modernization Act? Learn how this massive update to U.S. copyright and publishing laws will affect your music and the music industry.

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13. Everything You Need to Know About a Split Sheet

Music Producers in Recording Studio - Split Sheet

What is a songwriter split sheet? Learn how to manage split sheets when collaborating with other artists to ensure you get paid for your work.

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14. What Is a Music Supervisor and Why It Matters?

Music Supervisor in Music Production Studio

What is a music supervisor? Learn the role of a music supervisor and the art of music supervision to reach new audiences with your music.

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15. How to Ask for Music Feedback to Improve Your Songs

Crowd Review Music Feedback

Music feedback will help you make better-informed decisions with your music. Learn how to ask for feedback on your songs and how to apply it to improve your music.

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