ICON Collective was founded in Los Angeles by Christopher Wight & David Alexander


ICON expands beyond the Los Angeles location with an interactive online program


ICON becomes a Nationally Accredited Music School


ICON launches Vocal Artist Program and Music Business Program and moves to a 32,000 sq ft campus in Downtown Burbank

All programs cover an extreme amount of music content. They include live Q&As with guest artists & mentorships with active industry professionals.

Christopher Wight ICON Co-Founder


Icon Collective is completely unique in its philosophy and approach, focusing on empowering musicians, DJs, artists and entrepreneurs to live creative lifestyles while using 21st century tools to create and market music professionally. Icon Collective teaches the principles and practice of music production, vocal performance and music business, with a focus on artistry, technology and the creative mindset.

Icon Collective educates, motivates, and inspires students to overcome creative blocks and thrive in an environment where creativity, authenticity and technical prowess achieve success.

All of us at Icon Collective share your unending passion for music. It’s in our DNA and underscores everything we do here. This common love of music, combined with our deep industry experience and commitment to educational excellence, creates a unique environment where your creativity will be supported as you learn to use music to express who you are. Our faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that every student on our campus has the tools, skills, and knowledge to succeed as a musician and an entrepreneur. We encourage each student to develop a distinctive sense of style and express a unique creative vision.

Founded March 15th 2005, Icon served to address the lack of education for independent artists within traditional music education programs. It was a time when the music industry was changing but education models were not. There was an obvious need for an environment that would support individuality, authenticity and creativity within a carefully structured balance of musical and technical training. Icon’s ecosystem is a collective that to this day, is attracting artists and entrepreneurs committed to a life-long musical, artistic journey.

In 2020, Icon Collective made its move to Downtown Burbank, occupying a custom designed 32,000 square foot facility that met the needs of its student body population participating in the Music Production Programs, Vocal Artist Program, and Music Business Program. Today, the ecosystem and community that is Icon Collective continues to thrive online and within its purposefully built LA campus where artists and entrepreneurs are encouraged to bravely face their fears, develop their authentic voice, and humbly trust the creative process. The vision that began in 2005 is today an ongoing mission of empowering artists and entrepreneurs to live creative successful lifestyles. We welcome you to start your journey with us today.