ICON Collective was founded in Los Angeles by Christopher Wight & David Alexander


ICON expands beyond the Los Angeles location with an interactive online program


ICON becomes a Nationally Accredited Music School


ICON launches Vocal Artist Program and Music Business Program and moves to a 32,000 sq ft campus in Downtown Burbank

All programs cover an extreme amount of music content. They include live Q&As with guest artists & mentorships with active industry professionals.

Christopher Wight ICON Co-Founder


I started ICON with David because we realized there was something missing in music production education. Yes, there were excellent schools and music production programs teaching fine technical skills, but that’s actually only one small part of what you need to make powerful art. David and I had been in the industry long enough to know that if your sound isn’t authentic, you won’t last long.

So, in 2005 we gathered seasoned musicians and professional producers and worked with them to put together a different kind of curriculum. We’d cover the most current technologies but we’d also help students explore the creative process. I wanted to make an ecosystem that would nurture experimentation and encourage collaboration. I wanted ICON to feel extremely alive.

The music industry can be intense. LA especially is known for being super competitive. But I’m proud that since we started ICON, the collective still feels so supportive and tight. No one here is trying to be the next anyone. You’re only competing with your own potential.

We don’t care what kind of music you create, how many social media followers you have or what you look like. We’re all way more focused on attracting the artists who are driven enough to put in the work, humble enough to trust our process and brave enough to face their fears.

When I see our students living their dreams and speaking their truths, it’s the greatest feeling the world. For me, and for everyone here at the collective. If you’re joining us, welcome to our tribe.

Icon Collective CEO Christopher Wight