3 Pillars Of Knowledge Our Q&A Guests Provide To The Students

Since ICON first opened its doors in 2005, we have invited Q&A guests from all around the industry to share their professional insight with the Collective. Producers, managers, A&R reps, we welcome all specialties because they can all provide knowledge essential to thrive in the modern music business. 2020-2021 presented heretofore unseen challenges for everyone working in music including us. We are very grateful to all the guests who were generous enough to share their time with Collective during this pandemic. Let’s take a look at how these sessions can benefit growing creatives.


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Professional Experience

The music industry can provide any number of professions for hungry creatives. In fact, in 2021 most professions are self-made as people adopt numerous different skillsets to adapt to an ever-changing business. How often do you hear of a music professional who is only a producer? Only an engineer? Only a manager?

This is why we are sure to welcome guests from all corners of the professional music market. Students have the opportunity to get a first-hand look into various careers, perhaps finding passion for an exploit they never considered before.


Is there any better way to learn than from those who are doing what you want to do? The music industry is probably one of the most glamorized industries in the world. Enormous stages in front of thousands of people. Illustrious award ceremonies. Million dollar studios with more knobs and lights to count.

The glamour can draw so many people in, but it’s not what makes them stick around. Only true passion for the craft can do that. The Q&A guests we invite to speak to the Collective give insight into how to fully express your passion behind the glitzy facade.

The music business is a complicated landscape, and professional insight is the best way to navigate it without sacrificing your artistic integrity.


Your net work is your net worth, and beyond the networking opportunities the Collective has among the staff and their fellow students, these Q&A’s offer networking opportunities with active professionals. Numerous collaborations have resulted between our students and Q&A guests over the years.

We reserve these sessions for our students not just because we want to give them exclusive access, but because we want to put our Q&A guests in a room with the cream of the crop. Passionate creatives who are prime to work with them. Mentoring up and coming artists is a incredibly rewarding process.

For access to all of our exclusive Q&A’s apply for our programs! We have space in our Music Production, Vocal Artist, and Music Business programs.

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